It has only been about a month since I moved back to the United States from South Korea, and I’ve been living the part of the quintessential starving artist. Apart from learning the Korean alphabet and slightly increasing my ability to eat spicy food while living there, I worked on a lot of art and did a lot of thinking about life. Thus, this website was conceived as a professional step toward “creating an online presence”, and essentially putting myself out there as an artist.

Art for me is about connection and storytelling. I endeavor to evoke a sense of wonder through the pieces I create by using surreal and dreamlike imagery and am often inspired by books I’ve read, myths & legends, or stories I’ve imagined.

Other than presenting my work, I also want to use this blog space as a medium for talking about art and what inspires me as an artist.

My overarching goal for this year (and the future) is to create more art and get more involved with the art community around my new home. Wish me luck!